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Joint National Advisory Committee 01 Mar 1979 19 Jun 2015

This file spans a time period from 1979 to 1981. The earlier documents concerned the setting up of arrangements for...

Television Advisory Committee/Technical Sub-Committee Minutes and Agendas 1966-67 01 Dec 1966 19 Jun 2015

This file contains minutes for the Technical Sub-Committee dated from December 1966 to November 1967. The majority of the discussion...

Television Authority Committee Minutes and Agendas 1966 01 Oct 1966 19 Jun 2015

This file contains minutes for the period between October and December 1966. Much of the material concerned the issues surrounding...

Advertising Advisory Committee Minutes 1955-1976 14 Jan 1955 15 Jun 2015

The file contains minutes from 64 meetings of the Advertising Advisory Committee of the ITA/IBA between the years 1955 and...

Radio Minutes 22 Jan 1985 15 Jun 2015

The file contains minutes, memoranda, information papers, agendas and note of the Radio Consultative Committee which date between 22/1/85-24/8/1990. The...

Independent Television Service Committee (Meetings, Minutes, Papers, Corr.) 01 Feb 1987 15 Jun 2015

The file is split into two parts. The first section consists of minutes of the meetings of the Independent Television...

Kent Local Advisory Committee Minutes 29 Jan 1985 11 Jun 2015

This file contain the minutes for the Local Advisory Committee for the Kent region. The documents in the file span...

Important Minutes 20 May 1953 07 May 2015

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