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TitleDatedPosted Excerpt
Contract Ipsum 15 May 1936 25 May 2015

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and...

Franchises (1908) 31 Jan 1972 19 Jun 2015

This file consists of reports and memorandum dating between 31/1/1972 – 18/9/1981. The file has one ITA file and with...

Scottish Television Ltd 21 Jan 1980 19 Jun 2015

This file contains correspondence and papers relating to Scottish Television. The documents date between 21/1/1980 – 24/2/1982. There is a...

Brunel Radio 01 Apr 1980 15 Jun 2015

This file contains a contract application made by Brunel Radio to operate an independent local radio franchise in the Bristol...

Gloucestershire Broadcasting Co Ltd – Severn Sound Contract 21 Oct 1980 11 Jun 2015

The contract is dated 21 October 1980, and the file contains documents from that date up to 23 October 1990,...

Granta Radio 27 Sep 1982 15 Jun 2015

The file contains documents regarding the bid for a local radio station in the Cambridge and Newmarket area. One of...

Incremental Radio Contract for Stirling 13 Apr 1989 19 Jun 2015

This file contains reviews of applications for an ILR contract in the Stirling area. There is a summary note by...