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Document Information

File: RK/5/49 [A/A55/0331/02]

Box: 3997003

Summary of Document

The file numbers in this box do not correspond with those on the IBA master document. The file contains correspondence and legal documents, as well as newspaper clippings. The items are dated from November 1978 to April 1979.

The documents concerned Scottish Television’s coverage on the 1 March 1979 referendum on forming a Scottish Assembly. Included was a petition filed by the No Group to interdict political broadcasting on a party basis prior to the referendum. There was an additional petition filed by the SNP, which was refused, to restrict political broadcasting in Scotland between April 1979 and the General Election in May 1979.

Tags: Devolution, Scotland


Letter dated 24 January 1979, from James Bredin to John Lindsay




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