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Classification: Correspondence

File: 5053/1 (1)

Box: 3996164

Attached media: 5053.1 D1, 5053.1 D2

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence, reports, and extracts from IBA minutes concerning the depiction of industrial affairs on ITV, and the development of guidelines. The file covers the time period from January 1976 to December 1976.

Attempting to clarify its position on the depiction of industrial relations and business affairs, the Authority discussed the issue over the course of 1976 to draw up guidelines. One of the actions put forward was to hold a Consultation in 1977 with both trade unions and industry representatives. The Consultation was scheduled for 5-6 March 1977, at the Selsdon Park Hotel, Croydon. The Authority was striving to improve its coverage and suggestioned that a second channel, ITV2, would help with broadening industrial coverage. Discussions also indicated that channelling industrial matters into adult education programming might also enhance the coverage.

Included in the file is a BBC report titled “Two Conferences on Industrial Relations, which is undated. There is an attached note that the two conferences referred to occurred in 1974 and 1975.


Memo from the Director-General dated 3 March 1976

PPC Paper 6(76), consultation on Industrial Affairs, Note by Mr. Sendall, 17 May 1976

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