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Complaints Review Board Papers 1972 and 1973

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File: 3109/3

Box: 3995537

Attached media: Complaints Review Board

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This file is a stack of papers/reports and minutes from the complaints review boards from the years 1972 and 1973 with one set of minutes from 1971. These means that the documents crossover from ITA to IBA.

The first document from 1972 is an ITA report of complaints handling during November/December 1972 and part of January 1972. The report is date 25/1/1972. The report contains details of complaints about the preparation of programmes for transmission. It states the nature of complaints, which made the complaints, dates, programme and reports of the complaints. There are also summaries of complaints made in terms of contents of broadcasting. These include rescheduling, timing party political broadcasting, and editing of feature films. It also summarises complaints to do with good taste and decency, for example a complaint was made that the children’s programme “The Intruder” contained inappropriate language for its audience and viewing time. There is also a section dealing with complaints about sex, for example the content of “Carry on Christmas”.

Another complaints report for June – December 1972 is divided into similar sections: complaints regarding preparation of programmes for transmission, scheduling of programmes, and content of programmes transmitted. The complaints about programme content are divided up into the following sections: Accuracy and conduct of interviews, taste and decency (i.e. Sex, bad language, violence), and other programme complaints. When examining the “Taste and Decency” section one finds that the viewers were complaining general indecency on the television, giving few detailed examples. The report states how the complaints were replied to.

Another paper of interest is that of the public attitude towards television. The IBA paper is dated 20/9/1973. The paper was circulated in the Authority’s meeting on September 27th 1972. The paper contains results of a survey that was carried out in June of that year and includes comparative figures for 1970-72. The survey covers different aspects of the public attitudes towards television. These included offensive material, frequency of perceived offensiveness, sources of complaint, impartiality, political allegiance, perception of treatment of controversial matters, and suitability of programmes for children. The reports contain tables of results from this survey including gender and age range. This report is useful for researchers interested in audience research and audience views on offensive material on television.

This file also contains a full report on the complaints the IBA received for the Warhol programme. The image on this file contains a list of contents of other reports which are not mentioned here that would be of interest to researchers.

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