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Company Appraisals (includes contract corr.) (Bernard Sendall: Company Historian), Jul 1967 to Jun 1987

Document Information

File: A/54/0406/07

Box: 3995555

Attached media: A.54.0406.07 d1, A.54.0406.07 D2

Summary of Document

This file is divided into seven sections, one each for Southern Television, Thames Television, Tyne Tees Television, Yorkshire Television, HTV, ITN, and Scottish Television.

The information about each Company varies. The information on Scottish Television has a year-by-year highlights and lowlights (see scanned document) for the years between 1980. The summaries appear to have been produced at the same time as they are of the same format, type, and on the similar paper. The summaries included yearly profit and turnover numbers. The ITN documents are a list of awards received by the ITN, and a draft of the history of ITN dated 10 June 1987. In addition to the summaries, the HTV tab includes clippings and letters on programming in Welsh. The other tabs similarly contain either drafts of the text, or summaries used to compile the history.


Research Notes, Scottish Television 1970

Letter dated 12 April 1979 from Sir Brian Young to Dafydd Williams

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