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Candid Camera

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Classification: Programmes

File: 5095/2/12 (2)

Box: 3993145

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence concerning the television show “Candid Camera”. The time period covered by this file is from April 1974 until January 1985, and is the second volume in the series.

The programme files generally contain letters of complaints about specific segments of the programme or its overall content. One particular incident involving a nude secretary generated a raft of complaints. There are two documents dealing specifically with this complaint. The first letter was to an ordinary listener, and the other to a MP. Although the response to the MP is longer, the content of the letter did not very significantly from the standard form letter.

Interestingly, the Authority was hoping that the “Candid Camera” would not be renewed after the 1974 season. Although LWT agreed in principle, the popularity of the programme meant that it was still being aired well into the 1980s.


Letter dated 1 April 1974 from Neville Clarke to a viewer

Letter dated 9 April 1974 from Aylestone

Extract form Authority Meeting, 17 October 1974

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