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Document Information

Classification: Correspondence

File: A/D/0380/01

Box: 3995440

Attached media: Letter

Summary of Document

The file consists of letters, memoranda and interviews from the radio station BRMB between 18/1/1979 – 14/8/1980. The file seems to cover a wide range of issues from BRMB’s fifth anniversary, broadcasting traffic information and scheduling. The file belonged to Tony Stoller, the head of Radio programmes at the IBA.

There is a report in the file stating that after a meeting of the authority, and it concluded after 12 months of monitoring that BRMB had been maintaining a good standard of local broadcasting. Additionally there is a document entitled “The Greatest Names in British Sport”, this is a series of interviews introduced by Denis Howell, M.P, former minister of sport. They contain short summaries, cues, out cues and time.

A letter from Mr B. Smith, head of radio programming at IBA, dated 21/5/1980 states that there was a substantial amount of programme changes on BRMB during April/May 1980 and they wished to stay with the new format throughout the summer. Smith goes into some detail of these programme changes.


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