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Document Information

File: A/D/0260/02

Box: 3995416

Attached media: Floor Plan, Music Programming

Summary of Document

This file contains a contract application made by Brunel Radio to operate an independent local radio franchise in the Bristol area. The application is dated 1980. It is split into the following sections: Directors and staff, Programming, Advertising, Staff Relations, Financial information, Applicants other interest, Studios, Consultants, Reading Date and Appendix material.   There is also an introduction outlining the local area and population.

In the section titled “Directors and Staff”, the report outlines a proposed board of directors, staff structure, the activities of directors, the consortium and locality, their experience in broadcasting and staff recruitment. There is a section on proposed programming of the station. It sets out the aim of the station: The station will be a form of entertainment and pleasure for the local listeners. They include wishes to broadcast arts reviews, job opportunities and travel information. There is a sizeable section the broadcasting of music. They claim that they will give the listener a mixture of music, including live music and 63 hours of gramophone records per week. Brunel states that they have gathered a lot of information of what people want to hear on local radio. They claim to have conducted their research on both a practical and theoretical level. There is also a breakdown of proposed hours and the intention to not only broadcast event information, but to cover the events too.

In the advertising section the application discusses the separation of advertising; a jingle will introduce each new advert. They indicate national organisations that have said that they will be willing to work with them and present them on a national level. They mention discounts for local advertisers. In the financial information section the company set out their financial resources and estimating trading results for the first 3 years of broadcasting. There is a list of shares and loan stock, information on capital expenditure, pre-operational expenditure and estimation of profit and loss. This is quite a detailed section in order to justify their application.

There is also a section that outlines the station’s studios. They are described in terms of location, size, equipment and developments. There is also a map to show whereabouts the studios are located with a plan of proposed new studios.

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