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BRMB Radio, Bev Smith

Document Information

File: A/D/0380/03

Box: 3995440

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence from BRMB Birmingham to the IBA. The majority of the letters concerned programme scheduling or changes. In one instance there was a last-minute request for approval to broadcast from a local department store that was celebrating its 100 year anniversary, as outside broadcasts from commercial premises required permission from the IBA. The Programme Controller assured the IBA that the focus of the broadcast would be a call in show showcasing the new mayor.

The IBA response to the proposed programming changes included a hope that the station would be including programming to appeal to the West Indian population in the community. The IBA representative Sarah Thane went on to encourage BRMB to maintain quality and local appeal even during difficult financial times. The final memorandum in the file referred to security measures and a possible seizure of the radio station, and what precautions had been taken to remain on the air.


Letter dated 5 June 1981 from Sarah Thane to R Hopton

Memorandum on Security dated 10 July 1981

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