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Brighton Co-Operative Society and Southern Television

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File: 3078/2/68

Box: 3995528

Attached media: 3078.2.68

Summary of Document

This file contains mostly correspondence and covers the time period from December 1968 to June 1969, pertaining to a dispute with the Brighton Co-Operative Society about a segment on the Southern Television programme ‘Complaints Box’.

The disagreement pertained to a segment of ‘Complaints Box’ which aired on 28 November 1968, in which a local woman had complained about her treatment at the Brighton Co-Operative Laundry Department over a lost garment. Through their solicitors the Co-Operative argued that their client had not been fairly presented or offered a right to reply. Southern Television disagreed with the assessment. The rest of the file contains documents between the Co-Operative’s solicitors, Southern Television, and the ITA about the wording of the apology to be broadcast. In the end the apology was not issued due to the length of time involved in resolving the dispute over the wording. A copy of the original script is also in the file.


Letter dated 17 March 1969 from F.W. Letch to Messrs. Woolley, Bevis and Diplock

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