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Beacon Radio – II Mr John Thompson’s file From: 1st Oct. 1975 To: 31st Dec 1976

Document Information

File: A/D/0047/05

Box: 3995349

Attached media: Letter, Clipping

Summary of Document

This is a mixed file of correspondence, memoranda, maps, press clippings, letters and IBA papers. The documents date between 2/10/1975-23/12/1976. They outline the early stages of Beacon radio and their preparations to start broadcasting. Beacon Radio won the bid for an independent local radio service for the Wolverhampton and Black Country Area. The file contains a Beacon radio Advance booking Card, effective 15/10/1975. The card outlines basic spot rates.   The selection of documents conveys a dispute between John Sykes and Beacon Radio. Sykes appealed to be director of Beacon Radio and was a group chief executive of Lopex Limited. The company are unsure of having Lopex directorship. Sykes’ letter to Beacon Broadcasting dated 2/10/1975 outlines the concerns arisen by the IBA and Sykes trying to prove that there is no conflict of interest. There is a document that outlines the timetable of events in the John Sykes case dated 16/2/1976.


There is also a report on a meeting that was held 7/1/1976 between Beacon Radio, Associate architects and the IBA. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the progress the station were making in their preparations for going on the air, as there were concerns that they would not be ready in time. A report titled “Programme plans Submitted to the Independent Broadcasting Authority by Beacon Broadcasting Limited” (April 1976) outlines the area they wish to cover, general policy, programming and hours of broadcasting. The report follows the standard format of approved independent radio franchise bids that were published when the station begun broadcasting. There is an IBA news release for Beacon radio going onto the air on Monday 12 April. The file also contains press clippings of the early stages of Beacon Radio. A progress report from the IBA (April – August 1976) reviews the station and its problems and its early performance. Beacon radio later bid for an extension of broadcasting hours, the formal submission is dated 14/9/1976). There is also an IBA paper on this, stating that BRMB had also requested 24 hour broadcasting which should be approved where the Beacon application would need further consideration. This bid for 24 hour broadcasting by Beacon and their competition with BRMB can contribute to researchers interested in the commercial radio market.

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