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BBC/ITA Programme Innovations and Comparisons

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File: 3094

Box: 3995535

Attached media: 3094 D1, 3094 D2, 3094 D3, 3094 D4

Summary of Document

This file contains reports on the programmes aired on both BBC and ITV programming. The reports cover the years between 1956 and 1967. This file would be particularly useful to researchers interested in the early development of series on ITV stations.

The report compared the output of BBC with that of the ITV stations. The focus of the report seemed to be on the amount of serious programming, and decision-making process involved in selecting topical items for broadcast. The initial report compared how long certain series had been airing on the BBC and ITV, as well as what categories of programmes were being shown. Included in the documents is a report comparing the current affairs programming between the two networks that was produced in 1962. ITV was less likely to cover international events, and was contemplating including more items in its coverage. The concluding section of the report established policy guidelines for current affairs programming.

In 1965-1966, the Authority was interested in the ITV companies moving away from the impulse to produce programming in response to the BBC, and towards developing their own innovative styles. One particular area that the Authority considered to be lacking was comedy.


Letter dated 13 December 1962 from B. C. Sendall to Cecil McGivern

Letter dated 17 December 1962 from Cecil McGivern to Bernard Sendall

Memorandum dated 9 November 1965, PPC Meeting – New Thinking about Network Programmes

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