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Aske Research Limited, Studies in Radio Listening, Duration of Listening

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File: A/D/1400/27

Box: 3995521

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This report on Duration of Listening was produced for the IBA by Aske Research Ltd in March 1981, and details listening habits of the radio audience. The report used data from a 1979 JICRAR survey conducted in the Sheffield area in 1979. The sample size was 500 people over the age of 15.

The study indicated that only a minority of listeners listened for more than one continuous hour (12%), with the result dropping to half that for 2 hours during the day. However in the morning, 20% of adults listened for 1 hour and 25% for a quarter hour. The other peak period of listening was from 14.00 until 16.00 during the weekdays. Saturday listening patterns did not vary from the weekday. However, Sundays proved to be dramatically different with much higher rates of continuous listening, with the peak times being between 9.00 and 13.00. Special attention was devoted to the listening patterns for Radio Hallam, which proved to have high continuous listening rates. The tendency for continuous listeners not to switch channels was noted.


Table 3 – Continuous Listeners as a Percentage of the Current Audience

Table 4 – Audience Profiles: Comparing Continuous Listeners with the Total Radio Audience

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