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Andy Warhol Programme, Records Management, (Bernard Sendall: Company Historian), Feb 1973 to Mar 1973

Document Information

File: A/54/0407/04

Box: 3995555

Attached media: A.54.0407.04 D1, A.54.0407.04 D2

Summary of Document

The file contains a written account by the Authority Historian Bernard Sendall about the Andy Warhol incident. The account is dated March 1973. Also included in the file is the legal judgement issued on 5 February 1973 in the case filed by Alan Ross McWhirter to stop the broadcast of the documentary.

The account related how two sensationalized descriptions of an upcoming documentary on Andy Warhol had appeared in the News of the World and the Sunday Mirror on 14 January 1973. From this point a public uproar enflamed by public decency campaign groups tried to stop the broadcast from going forward. The account contained a detailed description of the legal proceedings with an additional information on the legal standing of the Authority in relation to the ITV companies. It also related the internal debate within the ITV Companies about which stations would relay the programme, with Anglia publicly disavowing the programme. After meeting specifically about the matter on 14 February 1973, all regions agreed to carry the broadcast on 27 March 1973 at 10.30pm. The document also indicated the results of polling on the programme taken immediately after airing.


Letter dated 27 March 1973 from Brian Young to Francis Pym

Cover page, Judgement issued 5 February 1973 by the Supreme Court of Judicature Court of Appeal.

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