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Alleged Libel – John McQuad, MP, Prospective Legal Action

Document Information

Classification: Correspondence

File: 3078/2/71 (1)

Box: 3995530

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence and legal documents concerning a libel action filed by John McQuade over comments made on ‘News at Ten’ on Thursday, 11 September 1969. The documents cover a period from November 1969 to August 1970.

The complaint was originally filed against Ulster Television, and was subsequently referred to Independent Television News Ltd., the producers of ‘News at Ten’. The allegation was that in a news report a person in the background can be heard saying the “Mr. McQuade stood in that doorway and burned houses”. John McQuade was described as an extreme right wing Unionist MP in the correspondence. The same letter also raised the question about the fact that the person in the video may have been referring to a Mr. John McKeague. There are also several legal opinions on the merits of Mr. McQuade’s case. Further documentation can be found in file 3078/2/71 (2).


Letter from 19 February 1970 from L.G. Parker to Company Secretaries

Script for ‘News at Ten’ dated 11 September 1969


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