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Classification: Reports

File: A/54/0406/11

Box: 3995555

Attached media: Adult Education

Summary of Document

This file consists of two papers on the topic of adult education. The first paper was written by Charles Mayo on 13/5/1987. It begins with outlining the formula for adult education programmes. These programmes should equip adults for participation in community life and contribute to their development as an individual and they usually come as part of a series. Adult educational programmes came on the air as a result of restriction of broadcasting hours. The restrictions were removed in 1972. The paper gives a chronological historical narrative of adult educational broadcasting. When channel 4 was introduced the adult education quota was increased. The paper contains a few handwritten alterations.

The second paper is written by John Weltman and is undated. This paper is more analytical and covers similar topics to Mayo’s. The narrative flows well, suggesting this paper was to be printed or submitted for printing. This is also implied by the handwriting reading “final” on the right hand corner of the first page. It seems that the first paper was working towards one similar to this or was acting as information for a more formal, analytical written narrative of the history of adult education broadcasting for the IBA.

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