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Access by Independent Producers of ITV, September 1988 – March 1989

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File: 5051 (9)

Box: 3996164

Attached media: 5051.9 D1, 5051.9 D2, 5051.9 D3, 5051.9 D4

Summary of Document

This file is the 9th volume in a series and contains correspondence relating to different aspects of commissioning programming from independent producers. As indicated on the front of the file, the date range for the file is from September 1988 to March 1989.

In this file, the documents indicated that the Authority struggled with a mandate from the Office of Fair Trading in confronting monopoly claims on the production of television broadcasting. The Independent Access Steering Committee was formed to guide policy. The ITV stations while producing their own programming were also obliged to commission 25% of their programming from independent companies. The correspondence indicated that there were some concerns that this standard was being circumvented through ‘sweetheart deals’, whereby ITV companies were masquerading as independent organisations. Included in this file are reports on independent commissioning figures that indicated that by March 1989 the ITV companies were only 1/3 of the way towards the 25% target.

There is also a seminar announcement (see document) for a discussion on dominance of large media organisations in Europe.


Letter dated 5 September 1988, from Chris Rowley to Fiona Clarke-Hackston

Memo dated 13 September 1988, from Michael Fay to Clare Mulholland

Seminar Announcement for A Circom Seminar at the Prix Italia, Capri 1988

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