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Independent Local Radio (ILR) Capital Radio correspondence

Document Information

File: A/D/0381/04

Box: 3995441

Attached media: Audience Response

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence dating between 30/5/1979 – 15/2/1980. There are also notes on a meeting about the inter relationship between Capital and LBC (held 29/3/79). They seemed to discuss Capital’s output, suggesting more items that are not recorded music and community information, such as drama.

The file also contains information on the Help a Child London Appeal, a fund raising campaign that was launched by Capital Radio in 1978. The listeners were encouraged to take part in an auction where they promised to send money. Mrs Thatcher’s scarf sold for £45. There is information of where the money raised went to such as a music therapy charity and libraries.

There is a document that contains information on audience response to elements of Capital radio output. It includes percentage figures of listeners who had ever heard of listed programmes and features, and audience appreciation figures.

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